Author’s Note – Love Will Find You.

How do you know you have fallen in love for real? 

You don’t. Sometimes it is perfect other times you realize it wasn’t the way you imagined it to be. There could be many reasons for it, different viewpoints, or different way of living, not being honest in a relationship or not getting along with each other’s family. Like I said there are many reasons you can fall out of love. It is tough when your heart is broken. It takes time, effort and support from your family and friends before you can move on. The idea behind ‘Love Will Find You’ is that even if your heart breaks don’t lose hope as Love Will Find You when you least expect it. 

The story came to me when I had self-published ‘Life’s Not Over Yet’ and informed my friends. They were delighted, we reconnected and took a trip down memory lane. We talked about our hopes and dreams when we graduated. All of us overjoyed, at the same time nervous about our future life. It reminded me, how we supported each other through ups and downs in our personal life. Hence, I have dedicated this Novella to my friends.