You can read my Interview with Sarah here. Interview – Love and Hate 


How do you know you have fallen in love for real?

You don’t. Sometimes it is perfect other times you realize it wasn’t the way you imagined it to be. There could be many reasons for it, different viewpoints, or different way of living, not being honest in a relationship or not getting along with each other’s family. 

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Here’s how I got the idea to write ‘Life’s Not Over Yet’.

I decided to take a break from work once my daughter was born. It was supposed to be a two or three-year break but somehow turned out to be more than that. I started thinking about my life, people I have met over the years, places I have been to and life’s many surprises.

There was one such person that I kept thinking about, a woman in her mid-sixties or early seventies hiking in Svalbard, Norway. I always wanted to see Northern Lights so we booked a flight to Svalbard.

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